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White Frosting Cupcakes


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Karen Landry loves laughter, romance, goofballs, and closing the door to give her characters a little privacy. What happens next is between them.

She has degrees in theater and English, and lives in Maryland with her husband, children, and whatever pets the kids finally convinced her to get. Her irreverence is an acquired taste.

Tell her a corny joke and you'll be friends forever.



Available Now: Violet's Story

Her best friend's brother is back in town.  She's starting a baking business and could use a friend's help...

Coming Soon: Becca's Story


She clashes with her soap-star crush off screen.  It would never work anyway; he lives in the city, and she runs a berry farm.  

Coming A Lot Later: Talia's Story


She crunches granola.  He crunches numbers.  What counts as fake dating?  Who needs definitions anyway?

Coming Even Later Than That Other One

Lorem ipsum dolor...

(There's four close friends in the first book.  Odds are this one's about that last one.  It may involve an enemies-to-lovers workplace romance.)

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